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Dedciated Hosting

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Our Monthly package & Pricing Plans for

Dedicated Hosting

$ 99
$ 120
DH3 popular
$ 135
$ 150
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fully managed server

WT Digital Servers are hosted in our own Data Center which gives us full control on our hosting servers, User and their accounts.


All hosting servers are hosted in Linux CentOS 6.5v Platform which is the popular web hosting OS.

Root Access

Dedicated hosting serves comes with full root access, which gives you the freedom of control.

Unmtered Bandwidth

All Hosting Plans comes with unlimited Bandwidth usage, so that your web sites do't goes down for unplanned traffic.

Technical support

24x7 Customer support for any issue related to your hosting.

Easy Hardware Upgradation

Quick & Easy way for any hardware upgradation on your existing dedicated server. Just pay for what you upgrade. No setup fee required.